Uploading Files

In the Files section of the Media Library you will see a searchable list of all the files you have uploaded to your admin. There will be 1 or more files in this section initially for testing, so delete these files add a new file when you get a chance. You can add all types of documents with a wide range of extensions to this area: pdfs, microsoft word documents, text files, etc.. Our recommendation is to upload pdfs. These documents are widely recognized across the internet and on peoples personal computers, they are very easy to produce, are generally small in size (so they load quickly), and usually generate good results when being printed.

TIP: If you are an apple computer user, you can produce a pdf from almost anything you can print out using the 'Save as PDF' function from the 'PDF' menu item in the bottom left of your print dialogue box.

TIP: If you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro, try reducing the file size of your document with the 'Reduce File Size...' function from your 'Document' menu.

To Add a file, simply click 'Add File' by clicking on the button above the word 'Filter' or from the '+ Add' option in the 'Files' menu on your admin Home page.
Next, use the Browse Button to locate the file you would like to add from your computer. On this page you can also give that file a title and a caption, which will show up on your website to help visitors know what that file is. If you are confused by the caption editor, please see the documentation on how to use Markdown formatting. To keep the file private (so it will still be in your admin, but not publicly viewable on your website), deselect the 'Published' check box.

DID YOU KNOW?: You can save your files without editing all of the various fields such as Title, Caption, Tags and Pages, then go back later to fill out this information.

Below the Caption, you will see 'Tags', This is an area where you can enter keywords for this file separated by space or comma. Keywords help you search for this file in your media library.

Below 'Tags' is a menu called 'Pages'. In this area you can associate this file with pages that you create for your website. Simply select pages that you've created (if you haven't created any pages yet, there won't be any listed) in the 'Available Pages' box, and move them over to the 'Chosen Pages' box or vise-versa using the arrows in between the two boxes.

Once you've created a new file, it will always exist in your admin under the 'Files' section (unless you delete it). If you want to replace a file you've already created with a different one, you can preserve all of the information (Title, Caption, Tags, Pages, etc.) by simply browsing for a different file in this area instead of adding a new one.

DID YOU KNOW?: You can also add files directly from a page that you create and that file will automatically be assigned the 'Chosen Page' that you upload the file from.