Creating Menu Items & Pages

Menu items and pages and created and organized in the Site Organizer. Click on "Menu Items and Pages" under "Site Organizer" on the admin home page. On the right side, you will see some add buttons to add pages, categories, and links.

On the left, you will see the pages, categories, and links that you've made, organized how they will appear on your website. Categories have a blue tinge to them, whereas pages and links are white. The difference between a page and a category, is that a page will contain content (images, text, etc), whereas a category is basically a menu item on your website, which has a few pages to choose from as a sub-menu. For example, you might use "Artwork" as a category, and then create pages for different types of work or series of work, that go under that category. Any items in this organization chart that are all the way to the left of the page will show up as an item in the menu on your website. Indented items will show up as subheadings in your menu under whatever category they are placed under in this chart. To move things around simply drag and drop them. You can drag pages or categories into other categories, but you cannot drag categories into pages. External Links are like categories, except that they contain no explicit content. They provide an important role, however, in allowing you to create text in your website's menu that is a direct link to another web page in or outside of your site or opens a visitors email client. be sure to use the full web address when adding an external link. (beginning with http://www.).

If the 'Hidden' check box is unchecked for a particular page or app, There will be no direct link to that page on your website.

DID YOU KNOW? Hidden pages will still be available to people who know the specific URL of that page on your website, there just no direct link to that page from your website, in this manner, you can create hidden or 'private' pages to send to your friends.

If the 'Published' check box is checked for a particular page or app, That page will not be visible on your website.

By selecting one of you pages with the 'Home Page' radio button, you can decide what page visitors to the front page of your site will initially see.