Site Organizer, Menu Items, Pages & Apps

About the Site Organizer

The Site Organizer is where you will be creating Menu Items, Pages, using Apps, and determining your website's main menu and sub-menus. In this Area, you can drag and drop various elements of your website's menu from place to place and even in or out of Menu Items. The order of the items within the menu (from top to bottom) will directly determine how your websites menu will be ordered. This area is also where you can determine which parts of your website will be publicly viewable to visitors looking at your website.

Menu items

Menu items are represented by light blue colored bars on the left-hand side. These elements help to organize and classify your menu into sections and sub-sections. They can either contain pages, other Menu Items or simply exist as a link to a new website or a different page within your own website.


Pages can contain text, images and other media galleries, and text, or any combination of these.


Apps are special applications that we have developed for certain users particular needs. You may want to try adding them to your website.