What Do I Get With Artcode?

Your administration system

When you sign up with Artcode, you will have access to your own personal content management and administration system, the heart of your website. The administration system is a database consisting of distinct content and information that you can easily upload and manage. You will be uploading images and adding image captions, importing and titling files, creating pages that will help organize your work into projects or categories, updating text fields associated with those pages, blogging, organizing your menu structure, editing your splash page, and configuring the look and feel of your website. All of the content you put into your administration system will automatically be saved and formatted for a variety of uses on your website.

Your website

Your content is now automatically translated into a modern cross-browser compatible, user intuitive, visual design of your choosing and/or editing, live and online, at the website address that you provide when you sign up. When you make a change in your admin, your website will reflect that change live! We believe that editing your website, adding an image to a project, editing a caption, changing a typeface, etc. should be easy enough that anybody can do it.