User Accounts

About User Accounts

In this section of your admin, you will be able to change your Username and Password, as well as add new users to access your Artcode admin. For additional users added, you will be able to decide which pages and sections of the Artcode admin those users see and can manipulate when they log in. If you click on User Accounts, you will see a list of all of the users with access to your admin (there will only be the user name you signed up with listed initially). In the right hand corner above the word 'filter', you can add a new user. You can also edit a pre-existing user by clicking on the Username that you would like to edit.

Username & Password

The combination of these two elements is what gets you into the Artcode administration.

Personal info

Fill out these fields so that we can contact you in case you need technical support.


Selecting one or more of these items (Staff Status, Active, or Superuser Status) determines the users access to different parts of your website admin. To customize a users access to the admin, move items from 'Available user permissions' to 'Chosen user permissions' or vise-versa by highlighting the item you would like and using the arrows in between the two fields to move it.
TIP: By holding down the command key on your keyboard when selecting items, you can choose and therefore move more than 1 item at a time.

Important dates

This shows your last log in and the date this user joined Artcode.